Video Poker rules

How Video Poker works

To get started with this fascinating game, it is important to understand how the game is played. It is less difficult to get the hang of if you have some knowledge of poker.

The first step is to choose your machine. It is best to choose Deuces Wild or Joker Wild. These video poker variants have the advantage of giving the best payout rate.

In the second phase, the game is started. Money is put into the machine or the ticket is converted into credit. The five cards dealt by the machine are then laid out and the screen is illuminated with the winning hand.

The third part of the game is to build a combination with the cards offered by the machine. You are then faced with three choices: “throw”, “return” or “keep some of your cards”. Once you have discarded a card, another one will replace the old one. When the second draw is made, if the hand is higher than the machine’s, you win. Otherwise, you lose the game. Practice now on our free video poker games in order to perfectly assimilate the course of the game.

The rules of the game

The video poker card combinations are similar to those of traditional poker cards. You will have to build a combination with the 5 cards at your disposal. They are classified in ascending order according to their importance. 

With these cards in front of you, the player’s job is to find the best possible combination. The winnings table will show you the amount of credits to be won according to your combination if you win the game.

How to bet in video poker?

The machine allows you to throw up to 5 coins simultaneously. By increasing this bet, the player increases his winnings at the same time. Those who wish to play with fewer coins can press “Bet one”. With the maximum credit of the royal flush, it is possible to claim the jackpot.

What is the best game configuration?

The royal flush is the best combination in video poker. But to dream of the jackpot, you would have to try it out for 2 days non-stop. Because the royal flush combination only happens once in 40,000. The chances are therefore slim. Note that during one hour, a player could play up to 500 hands. If he doesn’t have a lot of money at his disposal, this could put a strain on his budget. Beginners can start with machines that accept 10 or 20 cents. This will make their playing pleasure more sustainable.

The purpose of video poker

After pressing “deal”, the machine deals the 5 cards. The 5 available buttons are for each card. The player can then press “Deal/draw” if he/she wants to renew his/her card. If the participant has no opponent, he/she should aim to get the winning hand in one game. The better the hands, the bigger the winnings. It is important to note that a card can only be replaced once.


When a player wins a game, he is free to “Banco”. This consists of doubling his winnings. The player receives 5 cards, one of which is already face up. If the card chosen by the player has a higher value than the one that is already face up, the player wins double his initial bet. If the card is lower than the value of the card in the dealer’s hand, the player loses all his winnings. In the case of identical card values, there are two possible options for the participant. He can either pocket his first win or try doubling the game again.

How do I cash in my winnings?

When a player wins, the video poker machines pay the winnings into a container. When the player wants to stop the game or cash out the winnings, he/she presses “cash out”. The player can then collect the full amount of money. For some video poker machines, the player must go to the cashier to exchange the ticket printed by the machine.

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