Slot machine rules

Slot machine rules

A little jump to 1898

This is a date when the slot machine already had a reputation. This was the time of the Card Bell by Harles August Fey. Over the years, generations of slot machines have made technical improvements. This greatly improved the gaming experience. However, the rules and winning styles have remained the same ever since.

Important to know

Before attempting to win money playing slots, it is important to know that a slot machine consists of three reels. These reels have 22 positions each marked with symbols.

It is these symbols that appear in the three windows when the reels come to a halt by chance after the lever has been released. But, before you slide the first coin, it is important to know which of these machines you would like to play on.

The classic slot machine: this is the type of machine with mechanical reels that roll according to the lever. Three symbols will then appear on the middle line, and if they are the same, the player will have won. Video slots are also available in some real casinos. This type has a digital function

Contemporary slot machines: In real casinos, some machines no longer work with a coin, but with a card. The card is credited and the machine deducts the amount determined by the game from the card each time the player throws it. With this type of machine, there is no longer a lever to pull, but a simple button that activates the reels. Winnings will also be transferred to the card.

Online Slots: There is an incredible selection of online slots. To play them, you simply use the computer mouse to perform all the operations (insert the coin and pull the lever).

Slot machine rules

Everyone already knows that to play slot machines, you have to insert a coin into a slot, pull the handle and launch the wheels by pressing Spin. It is possible to play several times by inserting one coin at a time.

  • Bet Plus or Bet One: It is also possible to increase the bet by clicking on this button. To play with the maximum bet of three coins
  • Bet Max: This is a rule that allows the player to bet directly with the maximum bet of three coins.
  • Cash Out: In slot machines, it is possible to recover coins that have not yet been played. To do this, press the Cash Out button.
  • Payout Table: This table is located above the machine. If you play with a 0.5 dollar coin, the table will show a win of 80 0.5 dollar coins, i.e. a win of 40 dollars.
  • Symbols: The payout in a slot machine (real or virtual) depends on the symbols. Generally, three similar symbols are required to win. However, it is also possible to win from a single symbol if it appears on the centre line. This is usually a picture of a cherry. The wild symbol can also win more.

Whether it’s a real slot machine or online, there are a multitude of selections in casinos and on the web. However, the rules are the same, insert a coin, pull the handle, press Plin. All you have to do is try to line up three symbols on the middle line to win the jack pot. To get a real feel for it, feel free to play our many free slot games! You’re sure to find the right machine to challenge you and win the jackpots.

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